Reading at White House Poetry Revival, Limerick, November 11th

November 4, 2009

Hi here … Delighted to be reading next week at the White House at the prestigious Poetry Revival on O’Connell Street, Limerick City. Events kick off at 9pm. Thanks to Dominic and Barney for inviting me.



  1. Okay, I posted a note, but not being blog-savvy, have no idea if you’d get it, Suspect not because I was looking at a February date. I’ll risk repeating: whatever happened to Electric Acorn? Just defunct? You published several of my poems on it 2002-04.

  2. Hi Marian

    Indeed, I remember that well. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep Electric Acorn going. It was really a one person operation, and when I went back to college to do the PhD and subsequently work as a freelancer, I couldn’t afford the time to keep it going. A pity, because it was great fun, but there are lots of wonderful online mags out there these days. Hope all is well with you. Nessa

    • Hi Nessa,

      Don’t know if I saw this answer before today! But glad to get it. Hope all is going well with you.


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