Nessa’s blog and website

October 26, 2007

Hi there world.

I’ve decided to create my own web space. People kept asking me if I had a website and I thought it was about time I dipped my own toe in the cyber-pool. Here I’ll post news of events, readings, workshops and anything else that strikes me as half-interesting. There’ll be links to interesting websites, excerpts from new work and work in progress (gulp) and anything else that strikes me. I’m hoping my friends and fellow writers will get involved too. So, enjoy!



  1. Hello Nessa, didn’t know you had a website but found it on Google.
    Have you any reviews of Bar Talk? If so, could you please send them on.
    All best

    • Hi Philip

      Good to hear from you and forgive the pause before responding. There’s nothing electronic, I’m afraid. There were some reviews at the time (ten years ago, god help us) but I’m not sure where they are now! Poetry Ireland did something, I remember, the reviewer was Catriona Clutterbuck … but which issue, I’m not sure. I can see what can find!

      All the best


  2. Nessa,
    Disregard my last message; I guess I can keep up with your activities here if you are dutiful about maintaining it.

  3. Hello, Nessa. Whatever happened to Electric Acorn? You published several of my poems in that ezine.

  4. Hi Nessa.
    I’m am fifteen and have been writing poetry for a few years now. Recently, I have begun to work on a poetry collection of my own. I want to base it around the relationship between my Dad and I which has not been a smooth journey to say the least. However, I have not approached him on the matter – in fact I have approached no-one about it. I’m now wondering whether or not I should pursue the collection as I am afraid it might not receive a welcome reception from my family as a whole. I know this may sound stupid, but what should I do? I have no-one to turn to at home and I don’t want to make a decision which I will regret.

    • Hi Eimear

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. That’s a very tough decision to make. It is really difficult writing about family, or rather, it is a really difficult decision to publish material about your family. No matter how you see things, chances are, they’ll see if a different way and get very hurt. I don’t think it should stop you writing about them, though. I believe it’s really important to explore the things that are most important to us because we can’t avoid those topics as writers. So if you feel you need to write about your relationship with your Dad, go ahead and do it. But think twice before taking the next step, and trying to publish it. Does that help?

      • Hiya Nessa.
        Thank you so much for your help! It’s made a big difference to me and I really appreciate it.

  5. Hi,

    Please get in contact via Facebook or e-mail. check out the new e-mail. Disregard anything coming from the other e-mail. Still in the Bahamas.

    Miss you,,

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